Apparently I am destined to travel and spend far too much money this winter.   I had the good fortune to visit the fair city of Montreal with the love of my life.   She showed me a dozen interesting restaurants & stores, I was able to visit the Biodome and generally appreciate the glory that is the metro.    By the gods, I wish we had even a poor approximation of that in Ottawa.    The combination of food, fashion and lodgings were more then a minor strain on my finances, but I appreciated every minute. 

I am also in the midst of preparing for a work meeting in Vancouver.  Good bit of work to prepare for the meeting and I suspect that I may receive significant criticism as the representative of the oppressive government.   All the same, it will give me a chance to visit the city once more and to show it to my lady.   I expect it might fully bankrupt me, but I will finally have good sushi again!  

Oh, and then for kicks I am planning out my summer vacation (attending the GoPlay Northwest convention in Seattle) and my little sisters Calgary wedding.  Considering that I am a sedentary introvert with no drive to travel, I find it rather impressive.   That said, if I am posting less frequently on LJ/DW, you know the reason.  

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