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([personal profile] jagash Apr. 9th, 2011 03:47 pm)
So my bike made its journey to freedom this winter, without me. AKA, someone stole my bike along with a number of others from the apartment parking garage and shoved them in a van then drove off. This means that I have no bike and thus will have a hard time navigating should a lockout occur this summer. Not that I _wanted_ another expense...

Yeah, it's rather frustrating but that's how life works. Beyond that, life is going smashingly. Work is busy and my chances of continuing in my job are increasing every day. I am changing my particular method of writing, adopting to using LaTEX rather then OpenOffice in the hopes I will be able to better structure and better write my book this way.
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From: [personal profile] switterbeet

Richard swears by LaTex for his papers, and the results are quite pretty. I've tried to use it, but even with an editor, it's too much fiddly effort learning a new system for myself.

Shame about the bikeloss. :\

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