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( Mar. 25th, 2007 08:51 pm)
1) Absolutely beautiful weekend, one filled with sleep and m'lady (who is unfortunately ill). Just working on one lab due tomorrow but my stress is far less then it had been earlier.

2) Practised Ran ai in Jodo today. This is the 12th Kata in the base Setei set and it is exceedingly complex. There is approximately one person in Canada whom is able to do this kata properly, with probably a dozen whom can do it reliably. It is stupidly complex but at the same time, so novel and interesting. It is more of a 2 minute combat then anything else and is a stunning affair if done properly. Damn. Gotta love a Kata named "disorder to harmony" anyways.

3) And Ran-Ai also caused an aching left wrist...

4) Demon game to occur on either the 30th or the 6th, depending on the whims of the universe and/or players.

5) Concerns about something in the game, though i doubt that i could even articulate it properly. Things will either go well or the thing will collapse on me. We shall see.


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