July 2007
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05:32 pm

Update post exam

05:21 pm


02:30 pm

Possible quitting of my job

07:21 pm

Job continuing under my control

07:41 pm

End of the Timbit

07:09 pm

Done and i apologize

12:12 pm

Final year of classes


03:41 pm


10:17 am

Question for my Friend's List

10:34 am

Question for Montreal'ers

11:09 pm

Good news ish

05:52 pm

Job fair for my friends

09:36 pm


10:40 am


12:26 am

Long 3 days

12:09 pm

Huzzah, i am the free

06:03 pm


08:01 pm

Fracking freeking frack

05:20 pm

Summery of today

09:52 am

Things i need to do

03:22 pm

Tasty combo

04:36 pm

I suppose

11:45 am

Interview for the bookstore

09:53 pm

Yeah, about that midterm

07:29 am

Perogy Casserole

10:21 am

The Doc and the pain-in-the-ass internet

02:54 pm

I could relax, shocking

09:47 pm

(no subject)

10:05 pm

Public notice

11:00 am

Job requirements

04:09 pm

Le joy

07:20 pm

I would like to attend this, but odds are money says no

10:22 pm

The most awesome i have heard of late

10:37 am

Decision made


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