I take responsibility for my personal failings.  I know that nobody is perfect, but I have to recognize my personal failings before I can overcome them. I realize that I argue _far_ too much.  There are a host of faulty reasons and each of these makes different people uncomfortable in different ways.  
  • I argue to prove to myself that I am capable of discussing complex issues.
  • I try to "debate" others to show that I respect them on an intellectual level.
  • I constantly play devil's advocate to challenge my own natural assumptions and prejudices.  
  • I have particularly weak communication skills when it comes to deeply listening.  My mind is so fixated on "the debate" that I tend to try to predict the vector of my "opponents" points rather than really listening and accepting what they are telling me.  
If I have argued with you in the past, especially if I made you uncomfortable in the process, I apologize.  I am attempting to better myself and listen rather than arguing.  It might take a bit of time before I can overcome this pernicious bad habit, but I promise to do my best. 



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