I have finally, finally, gotten my RPG (Spark) written up. It's been about 3-4 years of toil to get to this point, but very rewarding.

I would love to have you take a look at my game, if you have a chance. It's a game about challenging your beliefs and personal growth, and you can find it here: http://www.genesisoflegend.com/spark-open-beta/

I know there are bugs in the game and the layout is crude, but I need feedback from bright souls to try to polish the work.

Thank you all!
Hi all,

I am trying to put together an RPG setting based on police procedurals, legal dramas, forensics etc. I need to do some research, since I havn't been following these genres terribly well?  I was wondering if you could direct me to some of your favourite in-genre episodes of various procedural TV shows.  Specific episodes would be great, since I can probably only watch about 10-20 of them in total.

Types of Shows I am talking about: CSI, Law and Order, ER, Bones, Dexter or House


Cangames approaches and I seek your support. I want to make this Ottawa Convention (Victoria Day long weekend) astounding and drag people back in. I plan on running a game in every slot, from Lady Blackbird to Fiasco to Dogs in the Vineyard.

How many of you fine folks would be willing to join me and make this an astounding occasion?
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( Nov. 29th, 2011 10:21 pm)
A friend of mine, [livejournal.com profile] switterbeet is very likely to be moving to Ottawa in January and would be looking for a friendly and hopefully geeky roommate.  Are any of my friends looking for someone?  She is good people.

I take responsibility for my personal failings.  I know that nobody is perfect, but I have to recognize my personal failings before I can overcome them. I realize that I argue _far_ too much.  There are a host of faulty reasons and each of these makes different people uncomfortable in different ways.  
  • I argue to prove to myself that I am capable of discussing complex issues.
  • I try to "debate" others to show that I respect them on an intellectual level.
  • I constantly play devil's advocate to challenge my own natural assumptions and prejudices.  
  • I have particularly weak communication skills when it comes to deeply listening.  My mind is so fixated on "the debate" that I tend to try to predict the vector of my "opponents" points rather than really listening and accepting what they are telling me.  
If I have argued with you in the past, especially if I made you uncomfortable in the process, I apologize.  I am attempting to better myself and listen rather than arguing.  It might take a bit of time before I can overcome this pernicious bad habit, but I promise to do my best. 


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( Sep. 1st, 2011 08:31 pm)
This update will be kept brief, mostly because I am utterly exhausted.  The whirlwind of travel still hasn't calmed down and I will be swept away shortly for yet another meeting. My mental energy levels are crashing through the floor which is a real shame considering the amount of stuff that I want/need to accomplish. 

Got to admit, the fact that my department got nasty cuts recently does not inspire hope or renewed enthusiasm.  Still, there is nothing I can do about it other then move forward with a smile.  That's life.
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( Aug. 18th, 2011 01:23 am)
Just unpacked my desktop in my new home and after some fiddling, finally managed to get the ruddy thing functioning.  Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of spending a month slowly unpacking and working on my projects.   Oh well, that is life.

I had an astounding time at GenCon, despite the painful drives to Indy and back again.  I had a blast at the Ennies, hanging out with excellent designers and being welcomed into the fold.  I was even able to run my playtest for a designer idol I respect greatly, which certainly boosts my confidence levels!  

What great accomplishment have you made in August?  I am eager to hear about your own stories.
Things are set for a moving day of August 13th to the new (old) house in Hull.  I have begged a few boxes off the lovely and generous [livejournal.com profile] beable and I will begin frantically packing them as soon as I am prepared for the imminent GenCon trip.  I am not using up my once in a lifetime "asking friends for moving help" card, since I only have one small apartment to move and it should be a relatively simple process.

Now, the paperwork for moving to Quebec is going to be a tad on the painful side.  Still, it should shave off ~45 minutes of commuting each way to the office and that alone should make up for the time spent in the bureaucracy.   Not to mention other perks, like the ability to grow a reasonable amount of vegetables in the back yard. 

Wish me luck!

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( Jul. 5th, 2011 11:02 pm)
Sorry about being so very silent on LJ/DW of late, but life has been rather hectic.  I participated in a great Montreal gaming convention followed by a week in Quebec City for a work meeting.   Loved the Grand Roludothon in Montreal, the Mondial de la Biere, my wandering through the fortifications of old Quebec and my meeting in Wendake.  They are both beautiful cities, but it seems I am not cut out to be the great world traveler.   I long for long spans of time at home, but at the same time I am excited at some of the places I will get to travel to.

My next great venture will be to my little sister's wedding in Calgary.  I have no idea what to expect, though I expect they will forge great memories.  I wish them the very best in their union and I hope to support them as much as possible over the next week of madness.

Any of you folks traveling more than usual this summer?  Have any ways of coping with the stress of the voyage?
Anyone else want to attend? It's on the Grand Prix weekend, but for locals at least it should be easy enough and it could be fun. I will be there avec ma blonde.

I just made homemade pasta for the first time. It took me, maybe 20 minutes to go from raw ingredients to a meal on my plate. Is it seriously that easy? Heck, right now I am eating the stuff I failed to form properly and it's still delish.

I _will_ do this again!
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( Apr. 9th, 2011 03:47 pm)
So my bike made its journey to freedom this winter, without me. AKA, someone stole my bike along with a number of others from the apartment parking garage and shoved them in a van then drove off. This means that I have no bike and thus will have a hard time navigating should a lockout occur this summer. Not that I _wanted_ another expense...

Yeah, it's rather frustrating but that's how life works. Beyond that, life is going smashingly. Work is busy and my chances of continuing in my job are increasing every day. I am changing my particular method of writing, adopting to using LaTEX rather then OpenOffice in the hopes I will be able to better structure and better write my book this way.

They hire for advanced polls and the real polls. For anyone seeking employment it might be a handy stopgap.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2011 06:58 pm)
I have had a nasty text messaging problem with my phone over the past two an a half weeks. It keeps on sending me duplicate messages, to the tune of 30+ duplicate copies of each message. As a net result I have had to disable my text messaging until the Telus tech support can resolve the issue.

Beyond that, I am doing well. I am planning for an overly busy summer with a wedding, convention and potential work engagement. Oh, yeah, I also got an extension on my current job until September. *thumbs up*

Now my only challenge is managing my time enough so that I can reliably write, learn and socialize in addition to my day job tasks. Any tips on work-life balance from the crowd?
Apparently I am destined to travel and spend far too much money this winter.   I had the good fortune to visit the fair city of Montreal with the love of my life.   She showed me a dozen interesting restaurants & stores, I was able to visit the Biodome and generally appreciate the glory that is the metro.    By the gods, I wish we had even a poor approximation of that in Ottawa.    The combination of food, fashion and lodgings were more then a minor strain on my finances, but I appreciated every minute. 

I am also in the midst of preparing for a work meeting in Vancouver.  Good bit of work to prepare for the meeting and I suspect that I may receive significant criticism as the representative of the oppressive government.   All the same, it will give me a chance to visit the city once more and to show it to my lady.   I expect it might fully bankrupt me, but I will finally have good sushi again!  

Oh, and then for kicks I am planning out my summer vacation (attending the GoPlay Northwest convention in Seattle) and my little sisters Calgary wedding.  Considering that I am a sedentary introvert with no drive to travel, I find it rather impressive.   That said, if I am posting less frequently on LJ/DW, you know the reason.  
I must say that I enjoyed a relatively quiet yet pleasant Christmas.   My mother gifted me with some photos taken from my balcony, looking out over the river.   While it will be a challenge to mount, I will have a perpetual sunset over my couch.  Throw in a few books, a bottle of mango liqueur and I am relatively happy.  

I also provided a few gifts over the holidays.   Shiny new knives for my mother who _really_ needed them, a good coffee grinder for my folks and a ipod for myself.  I neatly counterbalanced my consumerism with charity, gifting 3 water wells for villages in Bangladesh.   My parents,  sister's household and another special someone received email notices on Christmas day saying that a well was donated in their respective names.  

So, I have to say that I am satisfied with my Christmas overall.   What about yourselves?  What single gift defined your Christmas?   It can either be a gift you gave or one you received?   Most curious.  
I am insane for even looking at this, but there is a project on Kickstarter to support a do it yourself CNC kit for manufacturing.  Not normally my cup of tea, but I would be interested in learning how to do so and I think it could be legitimately useful for my own company.  Game pieces, tokens and other stuff could be worthwhile.

At minimum, I may be able to tamp down on the urge by spreading the information.  I know a number of engineers in my network of friends who might be equally tempted by this.  Anyone local interested in potentially sharing one?    Realistically, I am interested more in the _functionality_ then the tool itself and I would be happy to just have the ability to occasionally craft something on someone else's machine.

It's also remarkably affordable this way....  Usually CNC would require more then a couple hundred dollars... 


Talk to me!
So I have come down with some kind of illness.  While it meant I didn't go to work this morning (Yay!), I skipped the Christmas party for my unit at work (Boo). Even beyond that, I wasn't willing or able to make it to the annual martial arts sushi dinner this evening. :(

I hope to recover over the next couple days, but this weekend is still going to suck.
Exhausted and struggled to wake up in time to make it to the con.  Then I saw white-out conditions out my window and after realizing that the commute would involve a long walk over an unsheltered bridge I decided to roll over and attend next year.  Oh well, I should be able to capitalize on this by spending a few hours writing.