Here it goes, although it might hopefully change after i harass people in the registrar's office tomorrow.

Fall Semester
1) Biol3608, Tuesday 9:35-11:25 lecture + Tuesday 14:25-17:25 lab (Principles of Biogeography)
2) Geom3007, Monday 14:35-16:25 lecture + Monday 5:35-7:25 workshop. (Classical Cartographical design)
3) Biol3801, Tuesday/Thursday 11:35-12:55 Lecture (Plants and Herbivore interactions)
4) Tses2305, Tuesday 17:35-19:25 Lecture (Ancient science and technology!)
5) Geom3005, Thrusday 8:35-11:25 Lecture (Geospatial Analysis)

1) Biol3601, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:35-9:25 lecture + thursday 13:35-17:25 lab (Ecosystem Ecology)
2) Biol3604 Monday 12:35-14:25 lecture + Wednesday 13:35-3:55 lab (Analysis of Ecological Relationships, AKA bio stats)
3) Biol3102 Tuesday/Thursday 10:05-11:25 Lecture (Mycology, aka mushroom mushroom)
4) Biol3205 Tuesday/Thrusday 11:35-13:25 lecture + Tuesday 13:35-17:25 lab (Plant Physiology)
5) Tses2305, Tuesday 17:35-19:25 Lecture (Ancient science and technology!)

Honestly, i didn't mean for this plant focus but things just went that direction. It should be informative at the least. Got no classes on wednesdays or fridays in the fall, so many options exist for me. I have a 9.5 hour long stretch of classes on winter tuesdays without break, that will be interesting....
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