I must say that I enjoyed a relatively quiet yet pleasant Christmas.   My mother gifted me with some photos taken from my balcony, looking out over the river.   While it will be a challenge to mount, I will have a perpetual sunset over my couch.  Throw in a few books, a bottle of mango liqueur and I am relatively happy.  

I also provided a few gifts over the holidays.   Shiny new knives for my mother who _really_ needed them, a good coffee grinder for my folks and a ipod for myself.  I neatly counterbalanced my consumerism with charity, gifting 3 water wells for villages in Bangladesh.   My parents,  sister's household and another special someone received email notices on Christmas day saying that a well was donated in their respective names.  

So, I have to say that I am satisfied with my Christmas overall.   What about yourselves?  What single gift defined your Christmas?   It can either be a gift you gave or one you received?   Most curious.  

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